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Every piece is a part of the whole, and that includes you.  


The Fraction Club: Basic $4.99 Per Month


⭐️   The LTP Weekly Letter + Video & Audio Podcast: The LTP Weekly is a private letter that includes stories, thoughts and inspiration every Sunday night to start your week, including articles I haven't shared anywhere else, and personal updates on projects I'm working on. You'll receive the written letter, as well as an exclusive video-and-audio-podcast version of it – as read by yours truly – every week. 

⭐️   The Fraction Forum: Have the option of interacting with other members of this community through the Fraction Forum, where you can respond to letters, and chat with other people who are doing the same.

⭐️   The Entire Archive: Access the complete LTP Weekly history, including over 100 audio and video recordings of each week's letter (and growing). 

⭐️   Exclusive, storewide discounts on every new Levi The Poet release – be it a t-shirt or an album, physical or digital, old or new – you name it – for as long as you remain a Fraction member.

⭐️   Access to a growing, Fraction-Only Private Music Playlist. Life is loud. Drown out the noise with this specially curated Fraction-Only Spotify Playlist.

⭐️   Free, 50-pg eBook on the relationship between Belief and Creativity.

The Fraction Club: Plus $8.99 Per Month


⭐️   The Private Fraction Facebook Group is the most active place in the The Fraction Club. Become a Fraction member and get to know the whole community. Ask questions, lend suggestions, and interact with the LTP Weekly Letter every Sunday with other members through the private Facebook Group, where people share their work, stories and life with one another. 

⭐️   Monthly Fraction-Only Live Stream. Lets talk! Whether it's a private Q&A, suggestions you have for new material, or discussing aliens... here, for our Fraction Platinum members, we'll spend an hour or so enjoying one-another's company.

⭐️   Levi's Complete, Digital Discography. Every month – for as long as you remain a Fraction member – you'll receive a new digital download for one of Levi The Poet's albums, beginning with the newest, and moving backward through his entire collection. 

⭐️   The Fraction Club Store. Access a password-protected webstore with exclusive designs and items not available anywhere else!

⭐️   Private Listening Parties. When new releases are on the way, you'll receive free entry into our private, online listening parties. 

⭐️   Featured Artwork. Have a chance to see your work – whether poetry, painting, sketches, illustration, design, etc. – published online through a monthly, public Guest Feature on Levi The Poet's blog. 

⭐️   Never-Released Live Show Footage. Enjoy live, high-definition video recordings of seven never-before-released Correspondence (a fiction) performance pieces.

⭐️   Behind The Scenes, Drafts, and Early Releases. You'll get a first look at new chapters and lyrics, written drafts and commentary, including exclusive behind-the-scenes chances to experience and participate in the creative process. Oh, and you'll get early access to... everything.

⭐️   High School Rap Tracks. Have the opportunity to access and laugh at five rap songs that Levi wrote lyrics and beats for in high school, and recorded as a teenager in his bedroom at his parent's house. 



Grant McCoy

"I can't begin to express how deeply thankful I am for your letters each week. Each week I am left with something to ponder, wrestle with, and grow from. Thank you for your commitment, your courage, and your heart to this weekly letter and everything else that you are bold enough to share with the world."

Hannah Kluender

"Every week I'm really blown away by the thoughts that you have and the way that you share them. I get to see a little bit into the perspective of someone who creates both for his own sake, and for the sake of others. You and your work in a human and relational way... is important to me."

Ellen Perry

"Your words are a source of comfort. Your music is calming. Your weekly email is the best thing to read on the train after a day of school work and training. I am truly grateful for the impact your words. The way you have been able to share so very much, also providing a new train of thought."

Every Piece Is A Part Of The Whole. Including You.

You Matter. Thank You. 



Frequently Asked Questions

I want Fraction Club Members to feel safe and well-informed within this Community.

Q: Why Fraction?

A: Good question. There are two answers for it:

Philosophically, a Fraction is a part of a whole, and I believe that each part of that whole matters. You matter. You are a part of the whole as much as I am. Our pasts are a part of the whole, and they matter. Additionally, each part of the creative process matters, regardless of how menial it may seem, or how small we may feel. We need one another. The whole story matters, and we're all a part of it. Commercially, Fraction is (mind the pun) a fraction of the whole, as well. Fraction serves to function as an ongoing part of LTP, and fuel the other pieces both financially and creatively, be they new albums, books, workshops, etc. Simply put, this is one product among many that serves to make the whole vision possible. 

Q: How is The Fraction Club any different than the LTP Newsletter?

A: The Fraction Club is an entirely new experience, and the LTP Newsletter is a more general, free list for people who want updates when big news happens only: like a new record, or a new product line, or a new show in your area. The Fraction Club is so much more than that. When you join The Fraction Club, not only do you have my committment to your stories, thoughts and inspiration each week, you have the ability to listen to audio versions, watch video versions, as well as community discussion, behind-the-scenes looks at new tracks and chapters as they come along, built-in, early access to final releases, exclusive merchandise, discounts and more for as long as you remain a part of the Fraction. 

Q: Can you clarify how Fraction membership works?

A: Yes. When you sign up for The Fraction Club, you will be charged the amount listed – specific to your purchase choice – and receive access to everything included in your package. After 12 months, if you are a yearly payee, your membership will automatically renew, unless cancelled. The same is true for monthly recurring users.

Q: So, for the sake of clarity: The Fraction Club is a membership program?

A: Yes. The Fraction Club is a recurring membership program, and your card will be kept on SSL protected file which will autorenewal on either a monthly or yearly basis, depending upon your purchase. 

Q: What about refunds?

A: Fraction Club Membership is a nonrefundable purchase. 

Q: Will new updates and additional materials be automatically included in my plan?

A: Yes. If we decide to add more content to any of the above plans, you will have access to anything and everything that is included as an update or "new version" of your membership tier. 

Q: If I want to upgrade my plan to a higher Fraction tier and gain access to more than I currently have, will I be able to?

A: Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time. 

Q: What about the exclusive store and souvenirs available upon purchasing a Fraction Club Membership?

A: The Fraction Store and what is available upon entry into the club is always changing and growing. Because Fraction is so closely tied into Levi The Poet as a whole, exclusive products relevant to your membership may not be available immediately, but in relation to parallel releases (like a new album, book, etc) when they become available. 

Q. About the LTP Weekly – is it exclusive to us, or will other people get to read it on your blog?

A. The LTP Weekly is a combination of letters that have been reserved exclusively for Fraction members, and others that are more like "beta" content that you get to see before anyone else does, comment on, and – in a lot of ways – participate in. Your feedback helps clarify what actually goes to the public eye. Levi The Poet reserves the right to publicly publish any of the Weeklies as he sees necessary. That said, the LTP Weekly Audio & Video Content is exclusive to Fraction members. 

Q: When, where, for what and how often can I use my storewide Levi The Poet discount code?

A: Immediately,, for everything and as often as you'd like for as long as you remain a Fraction member. 

Q: Is Fraction a one-time fee or billed monthly?

A: All Fraction Club Packages are billed on a recurring basis. The "All-In" Packages, for instance, will be billed either monthly or yearly, depending upon which option you choose. The "LTP Weekly" Package is billed monthly. 

Q: What will I receive each week?

A: Upon purchase, you will receive 100 week's worth of Written & Audio Letters from Levi and – depending upon your purchase – Live Videos, Exclusive Discount Codes, Access to the Fraction Community, High-School Rap Tracks, and More. You will receive upcoming announcements, early access to new releases, Behind-The-Scenes insight, and the LTP Weekly as they roll out on a weekly basis.

Q: Is my billing & credit card information safe?

A. Absolutely. Fraction is built on a fully encrypted platform complete with SSL certificates. 

Q: If I get busy and miss a week, will I still have access to / be able to catch up in the future?

Yes. You will have full access to everything the Fraction Membership provides for as long as you remain a member. 

Q: Will I have any personal access to Levi The Poet?

A: Levi will participate in the Facebook Group and forums a few times per week to interact and answer questions. He will try his best to get back to as many people as possible using a variety of means, including (but not limited) upcoming letters, public blogs, the monthly live stream, a video, comment or presentation.